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Golf is a Sport of Precision!

The majority of today's golfers use large volume drivers. Unfortunately, most are still using the traditional 2 1/8" short tee, which is totally incapable of properly positioning the ball with respect to the drivers sweet-spot. Even if golfers are using the new longer tees, most have difficulty teeing the ball up at the right position for every drive. The Consistent-Tee™ has the answer. The Consistent-Tee™ takes advantage of longer tees and takes the guesswork out of how high to tee your ball. Because you tee the ball in the optimal position every time, it allows you to hit consistent drives and take advantage of the technology designed for your Oversize Driver.

Get Precise with Consistent-Tee
  • The Consistent-Tee™ encourages a shallow approach and optimizes the launch angle and back spin on your Drives.
  • The Consistent-Tee™ takes the guesswork out of how high to tee your ball and places it in the ideal position: at least 1/2 of the ball should be above the top line of the tee.
  • Over 7 million golfers are currently using longer tees and when they switch to the Consistent-Tee™ they will know that every time they Drive the ball, it is teed up perfectly and consistently.

Don't be caught trying to guess the proper tee height on the par 4 and par 5 holes. Use the Consistent-Tee on your Drives and get the confidence that your drives will be launched with the proper angle and back spin...
Golf Tees

The Right Tee Height is not Guesswork!

When placing the ball on the tee, it is important to do so, such that the driver will strike the ball properly. Establishing the correct height is extremely important. Why guess where to put the ball on every drive. The Consistent-Tee™ takes the guesswork out of where to tee the ball and gives you the confidence that your ball is teed up correctly for every Drive. The science of the Consistent-Tee™ ensures that the science behind your Oversize Driver and Golf Ball perform at the optimal level.

The correct height is dependent on the height of the driver being used. The top of the driver face should be at the same height as a point on the ball approximately 2/3 of the ball's height. This allows the sweet spot of the driver to connect with the center of the ball while keeping the bottom of the driver off of the ground and thus maintaining top swing speed through the shot and most importantly at the moment of impact. The Consistent-Tee™ is ideal for Drivers with a volume between 440ccs to 460ccs.

Bigger is Better

In the past several years, driver sizes have ballooned to such enormous sizes that the USGA has deemed it necessary to place a cap on club head volumes. The USGA has also capped a size on tee height. Naturally, larger volumes mean taller face heights. However, the proper tee/ball position with relation to the face height is still the same and the equator of the ball should be even with or just slightly below the top line of the face. This elevation is nearly impossible with 2" to 2.5" tees when the driver features a 50mm-plus face height. The Consistent-Tee merges these two variables and provides the golfer with a higher teed ball at the optimal spot for every Drive.

Consistent Tee was recognized as a Leading Golf Equipment Provider by the USGA in the Program at the US Open.

Consistent-Tee™ is USGA Compliant.