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Best Tee Ever Used
These tees have improved my drives. They are almost impossible to break. I have given them to several of my golf buddies and they are now believers also.
Rick W.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Skill Level: Advanced

Great Tees
These are the best tees I have ever used. The teeing height is always the same height and I have never broken a tee while teeing off.
Santee, CA
Skill Level: Advanced


Best Tees I have ever purchased
These tees are the greatest! Sets the ball at just the right height consistently each time. They are super durable only broke one in a month. I totally like using these tees. I will purchase more.
Surprise, AZ
Skill Level: Intermediate


Best Tees I Have Purchased
My wife introduced these tees to me about three years ago and we can't play without them. Our local golf store does not carry them, I know Golfsmith will have them. When I buy them, I get extra boxes for friends. I hardly ever brake them, and they do increase my drives. It is nice not to have to adjust the tee height since it is set. Thank you again for stocking them

Great Purchase
I could never tee up the ball at the right height, so the ball would be all over the place. Now, there is no guessing game. They are very durable
Sombra 334

Excellent Product
Wonderful tee - perfect height - never breaks - everyone finds it easier to drive with this tee.

Perfect every time!
These tees are just what I needed to tee up for my driver exactly the same every time. They last too! Only used 1 per 18 rounds.
Thank you for helping my game!

Super Purchase
Going on the fith round and haven'e broke a tee yet. Well worth your purchase.

Great Tees
Excellent tees, they do not break and give extra distance.

Easy and consistent tee height eliminating one variable in my game - now only 999 more to work on!

These tees are great. They keep your ball consistently where you need it to hit a Ping G2. They don't break. I've used the same one since I purchased them. Well worth the money.

I use Less tees and hit it consistently straight
Since I have bought these tees I have hit my driver more consistent. Always had a problem before with teeing the ball at the the correct height, these tees make it simple and are really sturdy. I have used only one tee for the last 10 rounds of golf I have played. There is never a question on how high to tee the ball with these tees they work great with my 460cc driver.

Consistent Tee
I find this tee an excellent tool for my drives.I tend to come over the top and somehow this little dude slows me down and gets me where I need to be for higher and straighter tee shots.I use a 460 cc warrior adjustable driver and play left handed.Of course it's always a treat to blast one by my better equipped rightie playing partners.

Best tees that I have used
I started using these tees and my drives became more consistent due to the consistent height of the ball.

I love these tees!
I bought these tees and I must admit that my drives are straighter and farther than ever. You tee the ball at the same height every single time and They are impossible to break! I recommend you get white because they are a little easier to find after you hit. I will always use these tees from now on. Highly Recommended!!!
San Francisco, CA


Throw away your old wooden tees
I bought a ten pack of these 2 months ago and I'm still using the first one. You'll loose it before it breaks. What a great Idea ! I carry one of these and four short tees for par threes and I can reach right in my pocket and there it is. Stick it in the ground and your ready to go without guessing about the height.
What a wonderful invention. Easily five stars! Waiting to get another box since I gave all mine out to friends who love them too. Fantastic !!!
Elizabethtown, NC

Great Tees
These tees are really great. They don't break, unlike the wooden ones, which I would go through every couple of holes. After a few rounds, I'm still using the same one. I also feel like my ball flight has improved since starting to use them. I'm a beginning golfer, and consistency was really important, and these tees are perfect.
Rick S.

Great Product - Great Website
This product has greatly improved my game and I love that I can purchase them online so easily!
A. Cabrera

Tried them early in the year and liked them, put one tee in your pocket and it last thru the round. Let my wife try one and she loved it always puts the ball at the same height.
Skill Level: Intermediate

I found one of your tees on the course in Florida a couple of months ago and have guarded it with my life even after returning to Michigan! I absolutely love the design and durability.
A. Johnson

The consistent tee is an excellent tee. It is perfect for the new driver I recently purchased and I'm getting consistently 10 more yards and hitting is straight. Being in the fairway definitely improves my game.